Our Key Partners

Leveling It Up by CEED has partnered with 16 partners across Canada, including 14 organizations owned & operated by women entrepreneurs, of which several identity as immigrants, 2SLGBTQAI+, visible minorities or having a disability, and 5 are former CEED clients to better respond to the regional needs of women entrepreneurs.

Partners were selected to complement CEED’s core programming, particularly those delivering skills training in areas women entrepreneurs face challenges and are underserved, both in conventional and innovation-driven businesses.


Partner Organizations are identified organizations fundamental in the delivery of the Leveling It Up project.

Experience with women entrepreneurs, women-owned businesses, diverse/intersectional groups of women:  All partners have served women from diverse, intersectional backgrounds. Over 70% of CEED participants are women entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and experiences and Lighthouse Labs serves under-served women through 4 funded skills training projects. In addition, 14 project partners are organizations owned and operated by women entrepreneurs, including women who are visible minorities, immigrants, disabled and S2LGBTQAI+. 


As CEED Team, we stand tall with a composition of 71% women in our workforce, which is a testament to our resolute commitment to amplifying female voices and endorsing their invaluable perspectives in our mission. Leadership at CEED is firmly rooted in the principle of gender equality, as evidenced by women representing 67% of our senior management and constituting half of our Board. The fact that our last three Board Chairs have been women serves as a powerful emblem of our unwavering belief in women’s ability to lead and make a difference. At CEED, we don’t just advocate for women in leadership — we embody it. 


These women business professionals understand the complex challenges women entrepreneurs face and will provide personalized guidance.



Pepper It Marketing
Restorative Approach Conflict and Education Services Inc
shiftED Academy Inc.
SAFI Media
Twirp Communications
Wendy Kennedy.com Inc
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