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Safi Media is a women’s leadership development company that supports women founders to create cash-rich companies that grow through their ASSETS, rather than their hustle.

Eleanor Beaton

Safi Media

Eleanor Beaton is a globally recognized expert on women’s entrepreneurship, and has served as an advisor on women’s leadership at the Yale School of Management. She is the founder of Safi Media, and she is on a mission to double the number of women founders who sustainably scale past $1M in annual revenue. She has run high ticket coaching programs for women founders since 2015. Connect on LinkedIn. 

Safi Media

Founded in 2015 by Eleanor Beaton, Safi Media is an education and business coaching company that backs bold women leaders who are advancing gender equity through entrepreneurship. 

Everything we do at Safi Media is reverse-engineered to produce our vision: Advance a model of economic growth that nourishes the planet, one woman-owned business at a time. To accomplish this vision, we have set an ambitious mission: double the number of women-founded companies that sustainably scale past $1M+ in annual revenue by 2030 through business coaching, entrepreneurship education and storytelling with a gender lens. 

Safi Media is defined by our belief that when women earn, we all win.