Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens after the 1:1 Advisory Meeting?

Your advisor sends an automatic email that includes a link to your Program Path. Please click the link (PRO-#000) to open the document. – There are three options to choose from: • Accept the Path as presented. • Add a comment with questions or any revisions you would like made. • Decline – Once you accept the Proposal, you will receive a Welcome Package. – You will be registered and receive a Link connecting you to the training 2-4 days before the start date.

2. Over the two years, will the training change or is it the same for the entire time?

Different skill development opportunities are available depending on your business’s stage. These skill development opportunities will remain the same each quarter until December 2024; however, new training opportunities will be available to you as your business grows.

3. Do I have to take all of the training?

The training is customized and offered each quarter up to December 2024. You can choose which dates work best for you over the 2-year period.

4. Can I share the training with my team/business partners?

No, the training is exclusively customized for you, based on the eligibility criteria.

5. What if I cannot attend one of the sessions?

Please communicate with the facilitator that you are unable to attend.

6. How long do I have to accept the Proposal?

7 days after that, the proposal expires.

7. Will CEED pay for training not provided under the Leveling It Up Program?


8. Is there a limit to the number of courses I can take?

As of September 2023, you can take four courses per quarter.

9. Are there prerequisites?

Some of the offerings have prerequisites, your program advisor will let you know if the courses you sign up for fall into that category.

10. Can I drop out of the training if it’s not the right fit for my business?

Yes, please communicate with the facilitator and program advisor that you will not continue.

11. Are the training sessions recorded?

Some training courses are recorded but only available to attendees; if you have to miss the session for any reason, please inform the course facilitator and your program advisor.

12. Are the sessions inclusive?

Yes. If you require any accommodation to attend, please let us know beforehand, and we will do our best to provide you with the accommodation.

13. Does the training come with a certificate of completion?

No, the training is for skills development only.

14. Where can I find the full list of offers?

Program Overview

15. In what time zone is the training?

All live sessions are in ADT (Atlantic Daylight Time)

16. What are the platforms used in the training?

Enzebra and Zoom power the Leveling it Up Learning Management System for the live sessions. Some Courses have an independent LMS due to their peculiarity; if you sign up for those, you will receive an overview of the platform.

17. Are any of the classes in person?

Most of the training is done online. There may be some 1:1 sessions in person as well as networking opportunities over the course of the two years.

18. Is there financial aid provided through Leveling It Up?

Leveling It Up offers skill development opportunities through workshops, mentorship and coaching for eligible women entrepreneurs. There is no funding attached to this Project.

19. How is the training delivered?

Training is delivered online through video communication platforms e.g.: zoom.

20. What do I need to attend the training?

A computer, tablet, or phone, access to a stable internet connection, your enthusiasm and full concentration.

21. What is the Leveling It Up program about?

The Leveling it Up Program is a two-year program that focuses on providing diverse, intersectional, and underserved women entrepreneurs with skill development opportunities to overcome or avoid the challenges they encounter when starting, maintaining, and growing their businesses.

22. How much does it cost?

Although you will see prices on the invoices for courses, these fees are waived during the time of the Leveling It Up project.