Program Overview

Leveling It Up will provide training, coaching, mentoring, and networking opportunities

Leveling It Up will focus on the challenges that diverse, intersectional, and underserved women entrepreneurs encounter when starting, maintaining, and growing their businesses.

This program has been designed as a human-centric customized service offer that will allow women entrepreneurs to bridge the gap on:

  • Developing Creativity and Innovation Skills
  • Welcoming Curiosity
  • Being Bold – Perseverance and Persistence
  • Taking Risks
  • Making Decisions
  • Being Flexible
  • Being Positive and Optimistic
  • Mastering the Art of Negotiation
  • Finding Future Direction and Long-term Planning

Leveling It Up Program: Customized Curriculum with Coaching and Networking

The Leveling It Up Program will enable participants to receive a customized curriculum path based on their challenges, including coaching, mentorship, group collaboration, and networking opportunities.

See below to learn more about the different skill development opportunities that Leveling It Up offers.

Leveling It Up Offers :

Entrepreneurial mindset development

1. The Champion Mindset
2. WKI Motivational Speaker Series
3. The Essential Presentation Skills for Women Entrepreneurs
4. Restorative 101 Workshop Series
5. Restorative Approaches to Client Relationships
6. Restorative Coaching Sessions

Sustainable Business Modelling:/ Idea Commercial Viability Assessment

1. CEED Incubator
2. CEED Innovator
3. Startup Workshop
4. Innovator Monthly Mentoring Meetups
5.The Validation Workshop

Business Sustainability and Growth

1. Pitch Readiness
2. Introduction to Venture Capital
3. The Venture Capital Meet & Greet
4. The Beyond One-to-One Virtual Bootcamp
5. The $500k Offer
6. Customer Service Workshop and Mentorship
7. Wealth Care 101
8. Profit In Practice

Marketing Strategy

1. The Marketing Audit 1:1 session
2. The Thrive Marketing Academy with Group Coaching and support.
3. Social Media strategy Development Workshop
4. Social Media Marketing Development Mentorship Program

Technology and Product Development

1. Venture Jumpstart Program
2. Technology and Product Development Mentorship
3. Introduction to Web Development
4. Introduction to Front-end Web Development with Java Script
5. Introduction to Data Analytics

Legal Fundamentals for business ownership

1. Legal Essential Online Course
2. Weekly Q&A group sessions with Legal Essentials program
3. Legal Acumen for Business (1:1 Direct Support)
4. Group Sessions Group sessions - Legal Broad Topics