Venture Capitalists agree - Question and Answer is crucial to secure an investment

Ellen Farrell


Dr. Farrell is the CEO and founder of Investoready.  A Professor of Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship at Saint Mary’s University, her doctoral degree is in venture capital.   

Twice, Dr. Farrell has been recognized as one of the nation’s top mentors awarded by BDC and Futurepreneur.  She has coached teams variously beating numerous top universities in the US and Canada in various  venture capital investment and entrepreneurship competitions.  Dr. Farrell has also received top teaching awards and student awards for outstanding excellence in education.   

Ellen is a charismatic leader who has taught the fundamentals of venture capital to thousands of entrepreneurs and would-be founders.  Now she is helping change the future for women-led companies by building a unique program to help them master the Investor Question and Answer during financial negotiations and due diligence. Connect on LinkedIn. 


Investoready is a program of instruction, training, feedback and support to help you answer questions during financial interviewsWorking in small cohorts of four women you will be introduced to questions that you might be asked and those you will most likely be asked.