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What we believe... “We strongly believe that discovering the business value of new ideas starts with innovators, and that equipping and empowering innovators to do so begins at the discovery stage. From our first toolkit to support innovators and entrepreneurs in 2005 to our global collaboration with leading customers today, one thing has held true. Ideas, like seeds, need to be cultivated if they are to grow – and the best person to cultivate an idea at the early stages is the founder of that idea. These “idea founders” need to be armed with a process and frameworks that align with the way they approach their research and scientific work.” We hope you will join us in our quest to help great ideas make an impact in the market and for our world. — Wendy Kennedy, Founder

Wendy Kennedy

WKI – wendykennedy.com Inc.

Wendy Kennedy is a founder, entrepreneur, author and creator of the entrepreneurial design methodology, So what? who cares? why you?®. This award winning ideation and business design platform guides founders to transform their ideas into world class business propositions. To date, WKI has impacted thousands of entrepreneurs across more than 19 countries, helping them build a solid foundation for their businesses. Connect on LinkedIn. 

WKI – Wendy Kennedy.com Inc

For almost two decades, WKI has helped entrepreneurs to launch businesses that span Industries including: aerospace, health care, software, agriculture, food, ecommerce and more. Through our visual ideation frameworks, engage entrepreneurs in active, dynamic, Ideation and design sessions to explore alongside other entrepreneurs the best value proposition for their business